Cranes are included into lifting equipment. They are mainly used in construction works. Cranes consist of a truss and a boom, usually a telescopic one, with a hoist. All devices of this type are subject to technical inspection and the training course as well as UDT licence to operate the crane is necessary.

We distinguish the following types of cranes:

  • tower cranes – used mainly on construction sites available as stationary or self-propelled equipped with a crawler or rail chassis.
  • harbour or shipyard cranes – used in loading and unloading of ships as well as in assembly works of floating vessels
  • self-propelled cranes – car cranes, self-propelled cranes mounted on the back of the large vehicle or special self-propelled trailers used in assembly or in transhipment
  • vessel cranes – floating vessels equipped with cranes used for work in open water areas.

In terms of the UDT licences the following categories are identified:

  • II Ż – self-propelled cranes (car cranes), mobile cranes (e.g. pick-up truck lifts), stationary cranes
  • I Ż – tower cranes (e.g. construction cranes), fast-erecting mobile cranes

If you would like to work as a operator of the tower crane the training course in our Operator’s Training Centre is the best choice for you. We kindly encourage to enrol on the training course for tower cranes in Warsaw, Katowice, Cracow and Bielsko-Biała but we are also able to hold trainings in any place chosen by the client in the whole country. Prices are dependent on the number of participants. We kindly invite you to learn with our Centre!


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