Unit load devices (ULD)

Devices for loading containers to the aircraft

In the Operators’ Training Centre we offer professional trainings for unit load devices working in airports. Using our offer is the best choice – you learn from professionals in a given field at affordable prices.

ULDs are cargo platforms which were designed in such a way as they can be used to load and unload containers and paletts. They are common in numerous airports over the world and their task is to maintain cargo aircrafts and others. ULDs have a construction of mobile scissor lifts or lifts with two platforms which correspond to dimensions of the aircraft and make the load handling – luggage, packages in containers and pallets – easier.

During the training participants are provided with extensive knowledge concerning the operation of ULD with the emphasis on the rules of occupational health and safety as well as they take part in
practical exercises where they learn how to operate the devices. Our trainings for airports were created with the participation of experienced and competent professionals in their field and pursuant on the provisions of law which are currently in force.

We kindly invite you to choose our offer!


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