Preparing the ground for mobile lift platforms

The key factor affecting health and safety of the employees is providing ground stability for mobile platforms. The failure to follow the provisions increases the risk of the occurrence of the accidents at work.  Our training for mobile lift platforms provides information on procedures connected with the choice and preparation of the surface. It is the key factor which determines not only the work safety but also the convenience and pace of moving the whole machine.

The operation of scissor lifts, cherry pickers, self-propelled and towed platforms requires firm footing and only hanging platforms constitute the exception of this rule. Nevertheless, also in this case the operator is responsible for controlling the surroundings in order to avoid accidents. Nowadays, different types of mobile lift platforms are used. This group also includes those mobile lift platforms which are suitable for works over difficult ground.

If the surface is firm and level the device operates in a safer way and this  prevents accidents at work. Each scissor lift, cherry picker, lift column or other type of self-propelled mobile lift platform must be checked before it starts working. Scissor lifts, cherry pickers and other types of platform have their own requirements of the operation. This is why the surfaces over which the devices are going to be used need to be inspected. Only devices suitable for operation on a given type of ground should be used and also in case of its damage or obstacles it should be prepared in an appropriate way.

Visual inspection of the site allows to determine the type of ground. Sometimes geochemical testing is carried out. Furthermore, the weather conditions also affect the surface, especially rainfall and snowfall, as they may cause soil moisture within the site.

Types of surface and the risk related to their use:

  • pavement, concrete, asphalt – in most cases they are safe, caution should be exercised when placing the mobile lift platform at the edges of the surface, the underwashing of the ground by water and dirt also pose a risk of accident
  • grasslands – relatively safe, they should be flat or properly levelled, caution should be exercised near underwashed grounds and reservoirs
  • fallows – the surface should be checked in terms of unmarked pits and structures
  • urban areas – while placing the mobile lift platform it must be controlled whether there are drainage catch pits, ducts, tunnels, pits, basements
  • beaches – difficult surface which requires a special preparation due to flow properties of sand and the risk of underwashing

Usually special boards are used n order to level and stabilize the surface for the scissor lift, cherry picker and other types of mobile platforms. If the wooden platforms are used, they should thoroughly checked before they start working.

The training for scissor lifts, cherry pickers and other mobile lift platforms provides the participant with the information concerning the preparation of the ground. We kindly invite you to participate in our trainings for scissor lifts and cherry pickers to Warsaw, Katowice, Cracow and Bielsko-Biała!


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