BTI licences
With us you will earn BTI licences – Warsaw and the whole Poland
The Bureau of Technical Inspection (BTI) is a state institution with the seat in Warsaw which aims at inspecting installations and technical devices subject to technical inspection. It organizes training courses, issue certificates and has its own research and expertise facilities.
The scope of operation of the Bureau of Technical Inspection:
o supervision and control in relation to obeying provisions of technical inspection and other applicable rules
o technical inspection of devices specified in provisions
o issuance of decisions concerning technical inspection
o keeping a record of technical devices
o analysis of reasons and results concerning defects of devices and evaluation of the hazard
o motivation to raise qualifications of users and manufacturers within the framework of operating the devices
o preparation and consultation of syllabuses of BTI training courses
o control of employees’ skills, issuance of BTI licences
Anyone interested in operating such devices as overhead travelling cranes, hoisting equipment, cranes, pick-up truck cranes, forklift trucks, railroad cranes, lifts and ropeways, unit load devices or mobile lift platforms has to obtain BTI licence. The person operating the above-mentioned devices without a BTI licence exposes his employer to fines and penalties.

In order to obtain BTI licence it is necessary to take part in the training course. BTI trainings are held in the whole country by vocational training centres. Such a training course should be organized by the centre with appropriate certificates and cooperating with the Bureau of Technical Inspection. We run our courses in accordance with requirements of the Bureau in the theoretical and practical form. The BTI training course prepares to the exam which is held before the commission composed of member of the Bureau. Usually the exam is written (a test) or oral. The conditions of passing the exam depends on the kind of a licence. You can obtain more information in training centres or in the Bureau.
Legal basis:
o Act of 21st December 2000 on technical inspection (J. of L. of 122, item 1321 as amended.)
o the Ordinance of Minister of Economy of 18th July 2001 on the mode of controlling a licence required to operate and maintain technical devices (J. of L. no. 79, item 849) amended by the ordinance of 20th February 2003 (J. of L., no. 50, item 426), issued pursuant to Article 23 Paragraph 5 of Technical Inspection Act
We kindly invite anyone interested in obtaining a BTI licence to our Operators’ Training Centre. We cooperate with the Bureau organizing BTI vocational training courses for operators of such devices. Thanks to us you can obtain a licence to operate a cherry picker, scissor lift, overhead travelling cranes, forklift trucks and hoisting equipment. We hold our trainings in cities such as Warsaw, Cracow, Katowice and Bielsko-Biała where we have our branches but also we are able to organize them directly in the place chosen by the client. We organize closed training courses (for organized groups) and open ones (for anyone interested). We guarantee low prices!
We kindly invite you to take part in BTI training courses to our Centre!

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