Stacker cranes  

Stacker cranes are devices which are used in transport and in the process of storing loads in warehouses. Stacker cranes are included into lifting equipment of the inhouse transport. In order to operate stacker cranes the licence issued by the Bureau of Technical Inspection (Urząd Dozoru Technicznego) is required.

Stacker cranes consists of the frame or a mast on which a stacker trolley is placed. The trolley is equipped with mechanical elements such as retractable forks which allows to make the storing, stacking and retrieve loads easier. Thanks to them, it is possible to operate in one passages between shelving units or several passages.

In terms of the construction stacker cranes are divided into:

  • mast stacker cranes – with the mast equipped with stacker trolleys
  • rack-supported stacker cranes – with the rack in the form of portable gates with stacker trolleys

Stacker cranes have electric elements and an engine and they are usually steered from the operator’s cab. Computer-controlled automatic stacker cranes are used as well.

We kindly invite anyone willing to obtain the licence to operate stacker cranes for the training course. It provides the participants with the information on the construction, rules of operation, technical inspection, rules of occupational health and safety as well as duties and responsibilities of the operator. After the training course the participants take the UDT exam. The price is dependent on the number of participants. We hold the training courses in the whole country. We kindly invite you!


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