Hoists are included into lifting equipment and the UDT licence is necessary to operate them. Their task is to move loads by means of grippers or hooks. In our Centre you can enrol on the training course for hoists, thanks to which you will obtain the licence necessary to operate them.

Hoists are hand-powered or mechanically powered with the use of engines. They are devices working on their own or they may constitute a component of other lifting equipment.

Hoists may transport loads in various directions:

  • the load may be move towards a hoist
  • the load moves towards a hoist and outward from the hoist by the force of its gravity, this type of hoist may be also suspended
  • the load moves by means of two lifting attachments, one of them moves the load towards the hoist, whereas the other in the opposite direction

Multiple point hoists – a separate type of hoists, they are mainly used in mast cranes, cable cranes and grippers.

We have been organizing training courses for hoists for years, helping our clients to obtain necessary licence to operate them. We are distinguished by the highest level of education, satisfaction of clients and affordable price.

We kindly invite you for training courses for hoists!


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