Cable cranes

Cable cranes are included into lifting equipment. Their construction is similar to the cable railway. They consist of trolleys hanging on the hoisting cables between the towers. Thanks to them, various types of load units, including loose materials, may be easily transported, e.g. on construction sites. All cable cranes are subject to technical inspection.

In terms of the construction, cable cranes are divided into:

  • devices with stationary towers
  • devices with portable towers
  • devices with stationary and rotating towers

Choosing our training course for cable cranes, you will receive essential theoretical knowledge and you will be able to master your practical skills concerning the operation of devices. After the course, in order to obtain a UDT licence, the participant takes the exam. If he / she passes it he/ she will be granted the cable crane licence. We kindly invite you to learn in the Operator’s Training Centre!


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