Load handling  

Industrial trucks are intended for fast transport of loads. The task of the industrial truck operators is correct loading, transport of the pallet or other object on the spot and their unloading. During our training for forklift trucks you will find out how to handle the load in a correct way.

The operator may make three main moves while handling loads – lifting and lowering the forks, inclining of the mast of the fork inwards and outwards as well as moving the carriage with fork on the sides. Depending on the model of the device his moves may be also different, e.g. they may allow to change the place of forks by their positioning, i.e. setting the distance.

Choosing the training course in our Centre you will receive all crucial information on the load handling. This is the essential knowledge and practice needed to take the exam and passing it will result in earning the forklift licence. The exam has also its practical part where you have to load, transport an object and unload it.

Before commencing the works with the load the operator should always check its weight and compare it with the maximal load capacity. The load placed on the device must be stable and secure. As far as the loads with non-standard dimensions are concerned,  it is necessary to exercise particular caution.

In our Centre the training course for forklift trucks provides the participant with theoretical information and shows in practice how to operate forklift trucks. Knowledge and skills are helpful in taking the exam to obtain the UDT licence.

Procedure of the load handling:

  1. Driving by the forklift at the front to the load in the transporting position – the height of forks should be from 100 to 300 millimetres above the floor
  2. Stopping the forklift in front of the load and keep the mast in upright position
  3. Spacing the forks evenly, adjusting them as wide as possible to fit the load
  4. Driving to the load and inserting the forks slowly under the load
  5. Raising the load on the forks at the appropriate height
  6. Positioning the mast backwards
  7. Reaching the spot of unloading
  8. Positioning the mast in the upright position
  9. Slowly lowering the forks while unloading
  10. Positioning of the mast frontwards
  11. Placing the load on the spot

While handling the load the operator must bear in mind that he is obliged to exercise particular caution. The forklift truck must not move too fast, especially while transporting heavy loads, as this causes the risk of overturning of the vehicle. Enrolling on our training course for forklift trucks,  you will receive all crucial information on proper dealing with uploading and unloading as to reduce the risk.

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