Essential information on pick-up truck cranes  

Hoisting equipment includes devices intended to load and unload materials, such as: winches, hoists, cranes, overhead travelling cranes and other devices. One of them is a pick-up truck crane, for the operation of which the licence is required. After passing the exam before the commission of the Bureau of Technical Inspection (Urząd Dozoru Technicznego) the participant is granted the licence to operate pick-up truck cranes.

What is a pick-up truck crane?

A pick-up truck crane is a mechanically powered gantry crane which consists of a mast rotating on the base and an extension arm situated on the top of the mast. They are mounted on vehicles or trailers and are intended for loading and unloading works.

Pick-up truck lift are included into mobile cranes and are subject to the provisions of the Bureau of Technical Inspection (Urząd Dozoru Technicznego).

The division of pick-up truck lifts

Pick-up truck lifts are divided into the following:
• general purpose cranes – they are mounted to the chassis of the vehicle, the extension arm works horizontally rotating and changing the overhang length as well as vertically lifting and lowering loads
• timber cranes – are equipped with special grapples instead of hooks, thanks to which the timber lifting is possible
• cranes mounted on vehicles behind the driver’s cab
• cranes mounted on the back of the vehicle with the loading box
• cranes mounted on the middle part of the vehicle

Constructional elements of a pick-up truck crane

Pick-up truck cranes are manufactured by various companies, this why they differ in terms of applied construction elements. All elements are controlled by means of hydraulic system. Standardized construction elements of a pick-up truck crane are the following:
a set of stabilizers – stabilize the device
• the base
• the mast – vertical element of the crane positioned on the base
• the extension arm – regulated element to which the load is secured

Anyone who is interested in obtaining pick-up truck crane licence is invited to our Centre for the training course!


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