Procedures to be followed during the operation of the overhead travelling crane

The operator must know the rules of the operation of overhead travelling cranes and occupational health and safety. Choosing our training course for overhead travelling cranes you will learn how to operate the device in a safe way and how to reduce the risk of hazards and accidents at work.

The most important procedures to be followed during the operation during the operation of the device:

  • during the whole work the operator should check whether the mechanisms of the device are working correctly
  • the work should be carried out with the use of personal protective equipment, if there is such a requirement of the employer, e.g in the protective helmet
  • the load should be always transported in such a way so as its whole route is visible – in case of the oversized load the aid of the signaller is required
  • the operator must always pay attention to the signals shown to him by the signaller
  • the operator should always react to the stop signal and halt the device
  • during the transport one should pay attention to the route and keep the safe distance of the loads from other objects or persons
  • while transporting the load people cannot be below it or in its direct proximity
  • while handling the load – braking, pulling out, raising and lowering the fluency of movements must be maintained
  • the speed limit of a given device must not be exceeded and if the need arises it should be adjusted to the situation on the employing institution
  • before moving the load the signal should be given to other employees and it should be repeated if persons are on the trajectory of the device
  • the weight of the load and the nominal lifting capacity of the crane must be checked
  • loads must be secured properly and pursuant to the provisions of law
  • loads must be secured as counterbalanced
  • loads must be transported vertically
  • while transporting the loads the distance between them and obstacles should amount at least 0.5 metre
  • loads must be stored in the designated area and in accordance with the rules of safe storage
  • If the device is outdoors the operator must pay attention to weather conditions and interrupt the work if they pose a threat to safety

Forbidden actions while operating the overhead travelling cranes:

  • the device must not be operated by the person without an overhead travelling crane licence
  • the device must not be operated by the person under the influence of an alcohol and other intoxicants
  • not adjusted or faulty lifting attachments must not be used
  • the maintenance works and repairs are forbidden if the device is on
  • loads must not be left on the device if they were not lowered in a secured way
  • loads secured to the surface and beyond the range of the device must not be lifted


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