Constructional elements of the overhead travelling crane

Overhead travelling cranes are included into cranes used in the load handling. Their function is to lift, transport from one place to another and lower loads with the use of hoists or winches. Movements of overhead travelling cranes moves are limited to a particular trajectory – transport of loads takes place up to a maximal height and width of the device. The training course, during which information concerning the construction of the devices are presented, is obligatory for anyone interested in obtaining the licence. Our training course provides precise information related to overhead travelling cranes and their constructional elements.

They can be divided into mechanical and electrical ones and their list is presented below:

Mechanical elements:

  • trajectory – catches and cams
  • construction – road and drive vehicles, wind protection shields, bumpers, limiting switches, supporting foot
  • bridge – I-section with catches
  • crab – engine and toothed gear
  • lifting mechanism – main body, leg, toothed gear, ring, rope or chain tension drum, bars and bumpers with limiting switches, hooks and hook blocks

Electrical elements:

  • connectors of the overhead travelling crane and the power
  • switching cabinets and switch and control cabinets
  • control box
  • trolley
  • limiting switches

For example, a very popular model of the gantry crane consists of the bridge on the end trucks and two or more gates. Overhead cranes consists of racks with a bridge on runway rails suspended below the ceiling of the employing institution and hoists moves on the end trucks.

The devices are floor-or cab-operated, they are wired or wireless The operator must move the bridge, the hoist, the sling with the load attached to it by lifting it at desired height and transport to a particular place.

The knowledge of constructional elements of the overhead travelling crane is important for anyone who is interested in operating this type of devices. Our training courses will help you to obtain a required UDT licence.


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