Trainings for de-icing vehicles

The Operators’ Training Centre invites you to take part in training courses for de-icing vehicles. They are designed for persons who would like to obtain appropriate licence to operate this type of devices in airports.

De-icing vehicles are devices used for de-icing aircrafts. Their aim is to remove snow, frost and ice from the surface of the aircraft and to protect it against the reformation of ice. De-icing is carried out before the take-off near taxiways on the tarmac. It consists in applying the mixture of glycol and water with an appropriate temperature over the surface of the aircraft by a qualified employee who is in the cherry picker. Licenced operators, who must have appropriate certificates, are responsible for the operation of cherry pickers.

During trainings participants are provided with extensive knowledge concerning the theory of operating de-icing vehicles, rules of occupational health and safety and they take part in practical exercises.

Our trainings for the ground staff were created with professionals in their field and pursuant to provisions of law which are currently in force.

We kindly invite you to choose our offer!


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