Prohibited actions during the operation of the pick-up truck crane

During the work the operator of the pick-up truck crane should remember about the rules of occupational health and safety. In this way he can prevent accidents at work which may pose a hazard not only for himself but also for the surroundings – for loads, structures and other persons in the range of the working device. Thanks to the training course for the pick-up truck crane, the participant obtains excessive knowledge of the safe operation of the crane which is the essential requirement of passing the exam before the commission of the Bureau of Technical Inspection (Urząd Dozoru Technicznego).

Actions which mustn’t be performed while operating the pick-up truck crane:

• lifting loads of unknown parameters, including lifting loads without knowledge of their weight and loads, the weight of which exceeds maximal loading capacity of the device
• lifting loads permanently fixed to the ground or frozen to the ground
• loading works without stabilizers of the pick-up truck crane
• operating a faulty pick-up truck crane
• using faulty equipment – ropes, lifting attachments, hooks
• operating a pick-up truck crane without a valid UDT decision handing it over to operation
• operating a pick-up truck crane which does not have a current entry into the device maintenance log book
• transporting loads directly above the workplaces or humans
• transporting loads above the operator’s cab
• operating the device on the unsuitable ground – too steep or on the grounds with low bearing capacity
• operating a pick-up truck crane in the vicinity of  the power lines which were not disconnected and grounded
• other actions, the consequence of which entails the risk of an accident

If the device is not prepared to work in a proper way, the operator is entitled to refuse to operate it and inform his supervisor about the reason of such a refusal.

If you are interested in obtaining a pick-up truck crane licence, we kindly invite you to use our offer! The training course provides broad knowledge in the field of safety. This is why after completing it you will be able to safely operate the pick-up truck crane.


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