Operation of mobile lift platforms

In order to operate mobile lift platforms it is required to undergo a training which entitles the participant to take the exam before the Bureau of Technical Inspection (Urząd Dozoru Technicznego). After passing the exam the participant is granted the UDT licence. The trainings provide the information on the structure and operation of devices, as well as the rules of safety and occupational health. Below we present principles of operation of such devices as mobile lift platforms, self-propelled and towed mobile lift platforms.

Using mobile lift platforms and the procedure in case of an accident

Mobile lift platforms may be used by the persons with an appropriate licence. Each user must familiarize with the conditions of their operation. It is forbidden to use mobile lift platforms in case of being unfamiliar with rescue and emergency procedures or when there are no persons around who have knowledge how to operate such devices.

Before moving the mobile lift platform

Before the mobile lift platform starts working it must be checked by the operator in terms of defects and technical parameters. After each use the device should be inspected. It is forbidden to use the incomplete or damaged mobile lift platforms. Furthermore, one must not use mobile lift platforms on an inappropriate ground. It should not be damaged and there should not be any visible obstacles in the direction of the move of the device.

Manipulation of the mobile lift platform

While using the mobile lift platform, the operator should constantly monitor the ground over which the device goes as well as the space above it in the direction of its move. In case of obstacles on the way the operator has to avoid them being particularly careful. The mobile lift platform cannot exceed the speed limit. Persons on the platform must not lean over the railings, it is forbidden to lean back against the control panel of the device and placing objects on it. While operating the mobile lift platform one must not to use mobile phones. While placing the mobile lift platform in an appropriate position, its desired height should be set, taking into consideration the ceiling, the ground and obstacles.
Every training for mobile lift platforms in our Centre provides the key information of the occupational health and safety concerning the operator. Thanks to the practical training, participants may also check their knowledge of the operation of the devices. We kindly invite you to participate in the training for mobile lift platforms!

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