Controlling industrial trucks

Nowadays industrial trucks are used in logistic centres, warehouses, shopping centres as well as production and industrial halls. They are reliable and irreplaceable devices in inhouse transport which allows to transport loads fast and easy even between narrow storage facilities.

In order to operate the industrial truck the training course is required. It provides theoretical information and allows to participate in practical exercises of operating the device and next take the exam and obtain the licence. During the training course you will find out how to control industrial trucks properly as it is a key element of the safe work.

Due to the construction of the industrial truck several types of movements can be made:

  • controlling the trajectory of the device
  • controlling a mast on which the carriage and forks are placed
  • controlling forks on which the load is positioned

Controlling industrial trucks is similar to driving a car. The majority of models are equipped with a steering wheel as well as an accelerator and a brake. Additionally some of them have also a clutch. Usually there are two gears – faster and slower. Industrial trucks can be powered by electricity, battery and engine. Our training course presents the construction of these devices.

While controlling a vehicle it must be remembered that industrial trucks are much more manoeuvrable than cars. A small radius of turn causes that inexperienced operators have difficulties in controlling them. However, thanks to this feature the industrial truck can easily ride between storage facilities, because manoeuvres in a small space are simplified, but at the same time one must bear in mind the principles of safety to avoid an accident. The most often reason of accidents during operating a industrial truck is its inappropriate control during loading. The device with raised forks and a heavy load is extremely prone to overload and overturning and this is why it must be controlled very carefully and all rules of occupational health and safety as well as proper maintenance must be obeyed.

In our Centre the training course for industrial trucks presents detailed instructions how to control the device in a proper way. We provide participants not only with theory but also with a lot of practical exercises in order to make obtaining the licence easier. Participants who will take the exam before UDT in Warsaw or in our regional branches have to know how to operate the industrial truck with and without the load. The UDT licence allows to operate devices in accordance with the category. They are valid indefinitely.

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