Duties and responsibilities of the pick-up truck crane operator

The pick-up truck crane operator is obliged to have an appropriate UDT licence. It is granted to persons who completed the training course for pick-up truck cranes and passed the exam before the commission of the Bureau of Technical Inspection (Urząd Dozoru Technicznego).

The operator of the device cannot start the work at once. He /she must follow certain procedures before, during and after the work – they are taught about on every training course.

Pre-operational procedures

• getting familiar with the documentation – operation and maintenance manual and operating manual of the crane, the certificate of hand-over to operation or the device maintenance log book. The operator cannot start his/her work if even one of these documents is missing
• carry out everyday operation of the device in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual – making visual inspection of equipment and check the leak-tightness of the components, the working of hydraulic valves, pulling out stabilizers, check the securities and locks
• any abnormalities should be reported to the supervisor

Procedures to be followed during the performance of work

• checking the ground and determining the range of the crane’s operation
preparing the crane for loading works
• proper suspension of the load and making sure it is secured
• constant observation of the load and the crane during the operation as well as the surrounding area
not exceeding the maximum load capacity of the crane
• following the signalization and signs
• immediate reaction in case of breakdown or the risk of an accident

Shutdown procedures

• putting the crane in transport position
• putting the stabilizers in transport position and securing them
• checking whether loads do not pose any threat
• moving the device to a garage
• cleaning the working elements from dirt
• securing the crane against the use by unauthorized persons who do not have a licence to operate the pick-up truck crane
giving back the documents to an authorized person

During the constant work of the crane the operator should monitor its condition all the time. When hazards emerge, the immediate reaction is necessary in order to prevent an accident. Obeying the above-mentioned rules, the operator is able to work safe and he /she does not expose himself / herself, other employees and the surroundings to potential hazards.


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