Forklift trucks

Training courses for forklift trucks – Warsaw and the whole Poland

We kindly invite you for training courses for forklift trucks to the Operators’ Training Centre! If you would like to obtain the licence to operate a forklift, the prices in our Centre are always low – we have long-term experience in running such courses and thousands of people in the whole country used our offer – we kindly encourage you to join them!

Our training for forklift trucks (industrial trucks and forklifts) is designed for persons looking for work as an operator of such devices. Nowadays employees with the forklift licence are constantly needed and this is why choosing our offer is a prospective decision.

Trainings for forklift trucks are held in 3 categories.

We issue licences to operate forklift trucks in the following categories:

  • III WJO – authorizes to operate pallet trucks and remote controlled trucks
  • II WJO – authorizes to operate forklifts, except for specialized ones
  • I WJO – authorizes to operate forklifts, including also those specialized ones: with the operator lifted with the load and with variable reach forklifts

If you want to operate forklift trucks the training is essential. Thanks to it you will obtain key theoretical information and you additionally take part in practical exercises on devices commonly used in the inhouse transport.

Every training course for forklift truck covers the following topics:

  • types and construction of the devices
  • actions carried out by the operator before and after the work
  • actions carried out by the operator during the work
  • information concerning transportation of loads
  • technical inspection
  • rules of exchanging LPG containers
  • practical exercises


In order to enrol on the training course the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • 18 years of age
  • completed at least primary education
  • no contraindications to work as an operator


If you would like to participate in our training course for forklift trucks in our Centre you should not be afraid of high prices. The education with us is affordable and there are additional discounts for persons who would like to obtain a forklift licence not bearing significant costs. The price includes the exam fee and the issuance of the certificate confirming the completion of the course. We encourage you to check our pricelist to find out about the current prices.

Where are trainings held?

Our main branch is Warsaw – here you can use our training offer in our fully- equipped training rooms. Furthermore, we organize training courses for forklift trucks in our regional branches in Katowice, Cracow and Bielsko-Biała. In case of running a training course for organized groups we can also held it in a place chosen by the client in the whole country.

If you are going to operate a forklift truck the training course in our Centre is the best decision – check available dates or contact us in order to discuss details of the closed training course. We kindly invite you!

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