Prohibited actions while operating forklift truck

Forklift trucks  are used every day in numerous employing institutions and they require a licence to operate them. It can be obtained by choosing a training course for forklift trucks during which participants find out how to operate such device in a proper way. As far as our trainings for forklift trucks are concerned, they provide participants with extensive knowledge and skills concerning components of devices and their operation. First of all, we emphasize rules of occupational health and safety in order to prevent accidents during the operation of the forklift truck. This is why the training course is absolutely essential.

Rules of occupational health and safety should be followed by the operator before, during and after the work. It is important to carefully check the device, to be familiar with its operation, technical parameters, such as the maximum load, the maximum height of lifting load or the optimal manner of placing a load on the forks. Furthermore, every operator should know the list of prohibited actions while operating forklift truck. It is depicted below.

One should bear in mind the following:

  • you mustn’t operate the device under the influence of alcohol or abusive substances
  • you must to check the maximum load so as not to overload the truck
  • you mustn’t use the forklift truck contrary to its designation
  • the device can be used only by the person with the forklift truck licence
  • you mustn’t exceed the speed limit
  • you mustn’t accelerate or brake rapidly
  • you mustn’t leave the device with the engine on
  • you must exercise a particular caution while travelling on steep grades
  • you mustn’t bump into other objects
  • you mustn’t remove safety shields
  • while operating the forklift truck you mustn’t use open fire
  • it is forbidden to carry out modifications or repairs on your own
  • it is forbidden to leave loads on lifted forks
  • it is forbidden to stand or walk under the lifted forks of the device
  • you mustn’t use the forklift truck if your boots or hands are slippery
  • you mustn’t drive off the steep grades on neutral gear or with switched off drive
  • you mustn’t move the mast while turning the vehicle
  • you mustn’t drive the forklift truck on non-adjustable grounds

Please remember that to operate forklift trucks the forklift truck licence is required. It can be obtained without any exam in the Bureau of Technical Inspection (Urząd Dozoru Technicznego) but earning it in Warsaw or in other branches is always a prospective decision because it is appreciated by employers.


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