UDT auditing training course

We organize UDT auditing training course for persons dealing with technical inspection of devices which are subject to technical inspection – all controlling employees, maintenance employees as well as security specialists and staff employed in other technical units. Choosing our offer you can be sure that our trainings will be run by professionals with long-term experience in their field and that they provide you with extensive knowledge required for work on this particular position.

The purpose of the training

The training aims at upgrading knowledge and skills concerning the national provisions of technical inspection which are currently in force as well as directives and norms concerning devices in accordance with the latest amendments.

For whom?

The training is designed for professionals who are responsible for technical devices used in rendering services, work and production process, processing and storing, including controlling and maintenance employees as well as security specialists and staff employed in other technical units.


The syllabus developed by our Centre includes all key elements required to upgrade knowledge concerning the maintenance of the devices subject to the Bureau of Technical Inspection (Urząd Dozoru Technicznego). We show how to effectively use the information in everyday work.

The framework programme of the training:

  • legal status in force (norms, directives and trade provisions)
  • interpretation of provisions
  • procedures followed in the workplace
  • organizational and technical actions minimising the risk
  • risk assessment methodology of a dangerous defect or accident
  • maintenance of the continuity of work and reliability of technical devices
  • analysis of accidents and breakdowns
  • practical exercises in the form of workshops
  • panel discussion with experts

The trainings are organized in module structure, thanks to which their syllabus can be customized to the client. During workshops there is a possibility to solve problems related to workplaces in the employing institution of the client and drawing up conspectuses of procedures and control lists.


The price of the training is fixed individually – please contact us to obtain individual pricing. We are able to organize a training course in any place chosen by the client.

About us

We are a training company with long-term experience. We have already trained thousands of people and we enjoy the trust of our clients. We aim at offering the services on the highest level and this is why we hope that it will meet also your expectations.

Should you have any questions concerning our offer do not hesitate to contact us  – we will explain all your doubts.

We kindly encourage you to use our services!


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