Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are usually used in the inhouse transport. They are subject to technical inspection and their operation requires a UDT licence. In our Operators’ Training Centre you can participate in the training for scissor lifts and take the exam to obtain it.

Scissor lifts belong to the mobile lift platforms. They are slow-running devices which allow to lift a load – products or persons, e.g. construction materials, employees during installing and finishing works, cars in service stations, disabled persons in wheelchairs. Their name derives from a characteristic scissor mechanism which moves the platform upwards.

Another type of mobile lift platforms is a cherry picker (a boom lift). These are the devices mounted on the back of a large vehicle or which are self-propelled and equipped with the bucket on an adjustable lifting arm. In contrast to scissor lifts the lifting arm may be manipulated in different directions. This causes that a boom lift has a wider application, but it is mainly used in outdoor works.

Both in case of scissor lifts and boom lifts various models are available which allow to lift loads of particular dimensions, on a given hight and within the reach of the lifting arm or platform. Thanks to ATV wheels, some models are suitable for work over difficult ground.

Trainings for scissor lifts and cherry pickers are held in the following cities: Warsaw, Cracow, Bielsko-Biała, Katowice. We also take care to make education affordable – the price in our Centre is always dependent on the number of participants and for larger groups we have incentive discounts as well. This causes that learning with us is not only the guarantee of satisfaction of its quality but also low prices. Our trainings are available for any who is interested, also for groups. We kindly encourage you to learn with us!


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