The overhead travelling crane – shutdown procedures

Transporting the last load on the spot does not mean the end of the operator’s work. Every person who underwent a training in our Centre becomes familiar with the shutdown procedures. Thanks to them, it is possible to additionally secure both the device and the workplace and prevent accidents in this way. Below there is a list including the most important actions before leaving the workplace by the operator of the overhead travelling crane

  • make sure that the load was transported on the spot
  • the lifter should be positioned at height which does not interrupt the work of other employees or vehicles in the employing institution
  • the device must be placed in the parking place
  • after the device was situated in the parking place the operator must block it by pushing an appropriate button
  • control systems must be blocked and the device must be switched off
  • if the device is equipped with anti-wind brakes, they must be secured
  • the operator should carry out the visual inspection of the crane
  • the device must be protected against the use of unauthorized persons
  • in case of spotting failures or other problems connected with the working of the crane the persons responsible must be informed
  • the entry in the device service log book must be made after finishing the work
  • leaving the workplace is possible only when another operator comes or when the supervisor agreed on it

Obeying these rules makes the operation of these devices easier and this is why employing institutions take care of the quality of such actions. The workplace prepared in this way is safer for a new employee who can start his / her shift. It is important as overlooking any of these points may have tragic consequences not only for the operator but also for co-workers.

We take care of the safe work of our training course participants. We devote a lot of time for explaining rules of occupational health and safety and the proper operation of devices as well as we run practical exercises.

We kindly encourage anyone willing to obtain the licence to operate overhead travelling cranes to use our services!


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